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Design Science License

  • Domain of Application: Content + Data.

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A fairly obscure license that, to our knowledge, has not been much adopted by anyone beyond its author. It has an interesting definition of ‘source data’ in relation to knowledge:

“Source Data” shall mean the origin of the Object Form, being the entire, machine-readable, preferred form of the Work for copying and for human modification (usually the language, encoding or format in which composed or recorded by the Author); plus any accompanying files, scripts or other data necessary for installation, configuration or compilation of the Work.

(Examples of “Source Data” include, but are not limited to, the following: if the Work is an image file composed and edited in PNG format, then the original PNG source file is the Source Data; if the Work is an MPEG 1.0 layer 3 digital audio recording made from a WAV format audio file recording of an analog source, then the original WAV file is the Source Data; if the Work was composed as an unformatted plaintext file, then that file is the Source Data; if the Work was composed in LaTeX, the LaTeX file(s) and any image files and/or custom macros necessary for compilation constitute the Source Data.)

How to apply

Include a link to, or a full copy of the Design Science License in your work, and something like the following:

Copyright (c) [YEAR] [YOUR NAME]. This work is made available under the terms of the Design Science License.