04 December 2015 by Herb Lainchbury


  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Mike Linksvayer


  • OD 2.1 communication plan
  • approval process
    • topic note from Aaron: lack of clarity around the primary purpose of release-candidate phase: broader, public announcements prior to finalizing
  • license repository
  • licenses awaiting approval


  • Communications Plan
    • OKFN blog
    • OD blog (referring to OKFN blog)
    • okfn list
    • okfn forum
    • od forum
    • reach out to Creative Commons to see if they would be interested in a post
    • fix links
  • Process
    • https://github.com/okfn/opendefinition/blob/gh-pages/source/open-definition-revision-process-dev.markdown
    • new process seems like a pretty good attempt and worth trying. we will review before starting next OD version.
    • re: Aaron’s note above, we could state the purpose more literally in bullet 5 or 6
    • Herb to send a note to Aaron asking for an edit to the process -
  • License Repository
    • https://github.com/okfn/opendefinition/blob/gh-pages/licenses/index.markdown
    • we will use inreview directory to list licenses currently undergoing review (remove Surrey)
    • when a license is submitted properly we will put a markdown version into the inreview folder for our own use
    • chair will send out a Topic in the forum to discuss