Open Knowledge

Open Definition

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
02 October 2014 by Herb Lainchbury


  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Andrew Stott
  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Tim Vollmer
  • Rufus Pollock


  • discuss v2.0
  • communication plan
  • sharing with other lists for feedback?
  • approval process and license category proposed update (ideally live with 2.0 as it addresses best practices we decided to not address in definition), see
  • Non-open OGL + terms license for some UK gov-related data (
  • Migration of to static site/gh-pages
  • Badges / buttons: - updating these -


Communication Plan

communication plan on release of v2.0 - should send to the larger group? probably past the time for more discussion; should just give a heads up announcement to lists that this is happening

  • draw up list of communities we want to notify, e.g. lists
    • [Rufus] Open Knowledge
    • [tvol] CC lists (licenses, community, perhaps Open Policy Network)
    • [Luis] OSI
    • [Luis] Wikipedia/wikimedia
    • Open Data lists generally (e.g. open-government, OGP …)
    • [Rufus] Sunlight …
    • [??] Code for America
    • [tvol] LAPSI group, COMMUNIA
    • [Andrew?] World Bank
    • [Andrew] OPSI (Office Public Sector Info)
    • [Andrew?] LinkedIn Group(s)?
    • [Andrew] Future Gov Asia
    • [tvol] US Gov - OSTP / 18F (alert people from
    • [Herb] Canada


Target: mid-Sept

Press Release [Herb + comms person]

  • What is Open Definition - defining open in open data and open content
  • v2.0 release - a milestone
  • Why this matters

=> Actually PR and put on major blogs (e.g. Open Knowledge, Creative Commons, World Bank, …)

Appendix to PR

  • Full announce
  • No change for existing licenses

Detailed Announce for

  • Goal
  • Highlight changes
  • Substantive changes (if any)
  • No change to status of existing conformant licenses (which you can find at …)

Tweet: …

Email draft:

Approval Process

  • new status for conformance
  • looking at the license pages, approval process may not need much more work - some tweaks in questions.
  • licenses categories may need some more thought ( what does recommended actually mean and how does it relate to conformant ).