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Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge


The work of the Open Definition project is done in an open manner and everyone is welcome to participate. Conversations are encouraged on the Open Knowledge Forum. (Old discussions have previously taken place on the od-discuss mailing list).

Also see our issue tracker and blog for other opportunites.


If you can use git, clone the Open Definition repository, add your translation under od/2.1/languagecode/index.markdown eg od/2.1/fr/index.markdown for French, then submit a pull request.

Note the as of 2.1 definition includes links to Wikipedia articles about the Free Software Definition and Open Source Definition. If there are articles in target language Wikipedias, the links should point to those instead of the English Wikipedia articles. If target language Wikipedia articles for the FSD and OSD do not exist, consider creating them.

If you’re updating a translation from an older version, the English version diffs linked on the history page may be useful.

If you aren’t familiar with git, download the current version, translate it, and send to us.

Advisory Council

There is also membership of the Advisory Council which is the group which ultimately determines the content of the Definitions and conformance with their principles. New members of the Council can be appointed at any time by agreement of the existing members of the Advisory Council (this requires consensus: namely at least one supporter and no objectors).

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Council member we recommend joining the public forum and contributing there first. This is a chance for other members of the community to get to know you and for you to establish your knowledge and competency. You can then request membership of the Council.

You or a nominating Council member should provide your brief bio at this time. All existing Council members will be queried for support or objection, and after two weeks there is at least one supporter and no objectors, per above, you will be warmly welcomed to the council.

Ancillary Definitions, Guides, Pages

The following hosted by the Open Definition site need further development or updating. Questions, suggestions, and pull requests welcome!