Open Knowledge

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
03 December 2012 by Mike Linksvayer

Monday, December 3, 2012 15:00 UTC
Chair: Mike Linksvayer


  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Daniel Dietrich
  • Peter Suber
  • Luis Villa
  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Rufus Pollock


  • OD [AC] process/feedback
  • Leftover Action Items
    • OKD 1.2 explanation/post
    • Spreadsheet for license [non-]compliance followups?
    • UK OGL updates?
  • Strategy
    • Main barriers to OKD universal acceptance and world liberation that we can actually do something about; reflect in goals below
  • 2013 Goals, Volunteers
    • Document past decisions/rationales on website
    • Document/public process for 2013 decisions
    • Outreach/liaison with
      • OER?
      • OA?
      • OSI
      • Open Gov Data WG
    • updates/integration
    • Other website info upgrade (eg open buttons guidance)
    • OSSD



  • Consider Herb added, Mike chair per list discussion

    Process for License Conformance

    Luis: will send some suggestions based on experience at OSI Rufus: +1 Rufus: Idea of using git and github …

  • would prefer decisions on-line/public email for documentation/transparency/legitimacy; calls for strategy/input/discussion. Maybe this has been the case anyway…
  • Current process is described at
  • Luis will send some comments based on OSI experience
  • Email list about outstanding license conformance decisions + rationale; give 2 weeks for +1 or objection (non-comformant: UK OGL, Ireland, Kenya, ?)

    Advisory Council participants

  • Email to ask current members to see whether they wish to continue (and are able to contribute going forward)
  • Those who want to step down we ask for any suggestions for replacements and add to emeritus list

    Advisory Council Process

  • anyone welcome to attend
  • decisions made by members of council
  • license discussions are sometimes best held in the channel in which they start (mailing list) until such time as there are accepted changes - at which time it can move to something more technical / thoughtful and useful for archiving, such as git and markdown


  • Ireland: no contact yet
  • Kenya: sent notice but no response …
  • Germany: Draft license for German PSI Mike Linksvayer and Baden Appleyard commented on it and suggest that the default option “A” would be OD compliant if no additional limitations (as in IV. Further optional elements proposed for discussion) apply. Other options such as B, C and D are not compliant. Recommendation was given not to add any optional elements such as in IV. The German license will be published in January 2013 and used as standard license for PSI in the upcoming OGD portal.
  • UK OGL: need to signal to update them re issues leading to non-conformance
    • Email - Mike + Rufus
    • May be a blog post Daniel started a List of Licenses checked for compliance with Open Definition


      Main barriers to OKD universal acceptance and world liberation that we can actually do something about; reflect in goals below

  • Highlighting / Listing major users (e.g. governments)
    • Recognition
    • Peter Suber +1 Rufus +1 Daniel +1
      • Shows it would be lawful, it is permissible etc
    • Getting the gold-star
    • Point about making clear usage (from Luis)
  • General communications
    • A bit more on the updates side
  • Connection with other groups

    Connection with other groups

  • OGD WG - Mike + Daniel
    • A post which we should share about government data licenses
  • OSI


  • Email list draft announcement of OKD 1.2 + rationale; give 2 weeks for +1 or objection
  • Blog updated AC list, conformance decisions, OKD 1.2 before end of year

    Open Software Service Definition

    Need to consider whether this is a focus or whether we shelve it until such time as we can give them the time they need.

    Luis point

    He is a lawyer but not the Open Definition’s lawyer! Acknowledged by all.


  • Mike: email current AC members
  • DD: forward Kenya notice to the list … DONE
  • Mike + Rufus: email UK National Archives re OGL issues DONE
  • Herb: Archiving versions of current licenses in markdown
  • Mike + Herb: Posts
    • A year in review and plans for next year
    • Licenses we have seen, what we plan …