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Open Definition

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
27 November 2012 by Daniel Dietrich


  • When: Thursday, 6th September at 16:00 UTC / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST
  • Strict limit to one hour
  • Where: Skype
  • Back channel: #okfn IRC channel on
  • Chair: Daniel Dietrich (Skype: ddie22)

Pad for note taking:


  • Daniel Dietrich (Skype: ddie22)
  • Mike Linksvayer (Skype: mlinksva)
  • Andrew Stott (Skype: dirdigeng) (ok)
  • Timothy Vollmer (Skype: timothyvollmer)
  • Herb Lainchbury (Skype: herblainchbury)
  • Alberto Abella (Skype: alberto_rooter)
  • Francesca De Chiara (Skype: j.moreau)
  • Baden Appleyard - (Skype:badapple71)
  • Pia Waugh (Skype: piawaugh)
  • Jim Wretham (National Archives)
  • Helen Darbishire (Access Info Europe)
  • Chris Taggart (Skype: chrismtaggart)

To participate please add your name and Skype ID to the pad!


  • Updates
    • Introducing the Open Government Data timeline as part of an wider attempt to map what is happening with release of open government data around the world (and initiatives related to it) See more at:
  • OD license issues
    • following the debate from;
    • Possible review & comments by the OD advisory council on a DRAFT german open government license
  • CC 4.0 license update (if people are interested)
    • see
  • OKFestival last preparations
  • Open Government Data Dashboard
  • News
  • AOB


Open Government Data Dashboard

  • Agreed to disseminate spreadsheet to various civil society lists, including open data community, access to info community, including via the OGP process and the civil society around that
  • Agreed that timeline important and also detailing what information is contained in any particular dataset
  • Agreed to keep as spreadsheet rather than have as a Wiki
  • OKF to introduce a tool / platform for the crowdsourcing of the significant events and progress made in the open data space. Events such as major government policy changes, new data catalogues being introduced, significant data release, new organizations forming, significant licenses being introduced, etc..
  • OKF may announce officially at the upcoming OKFestival

  • Overview of the idea (quite technical)

OGL update

Jim Wretham joined briefly. Hope was to have update re discussion of improvements to UK Open Government License but unfortunately tech issues intervened. Plan to follow up to find out how this is going

Open Definition update

Discussion of revision to Open Definition as per Mike Linksvayer’s proposal:

  1. License Must Not Impose Additional Restrictions

The license must not place any additional restrictions or conditions on the access, use, reuse or redistribution of the data other than those explicitly described under this definition.

Comment: This clause is intended to clarify that presence of restrictions not specifically permitted above make a license non-open. Such restrictions are usually one or more of onerous, vague, unnecessary (for example, requiring following an unrelated law), and always harmful to compatibility among open licenses.

Agreed on this.

ACTION: Mike Linksvayer to write up a brief explanation of reason for this new clause with reference to existing licenses where this has been issue.

ACTION: Daniel document (spreadsheet?) - people we have contacted and any response.

ACTION: Daniel + Mike: blog post about update and possibly (separate) re non-conformant licenses.

RP comment: should we start recording terms and conditions / licenses in our git repo. ML question: any relationship to json license project you launched some months ago? ML: would like to merge I think!

ACTION: Who? EFF OAL move on website (from non-comformant to comformant-historical)

Open Government License in Germany

Daniel requested assistance in reviewing a Germany specific license. All agreed to assist as needed.


Daniel is going to introduce the Open Government Data timeline and ask for participation.

Discussion of new Indian Open Data Catalog

  • Andrew Stott: very vague license
  • Chris Taggart: very little data there

News and Point of Information

  • Mike Linksvayer: some people using NC or ND and need to be clear not open
  • RP/AS: Risk that people now rest on their laurels
  • Chris Taggart: there is always variation across the “hype” cycle. Recall my somewhat pessimistic presentation from last years Open Government Data Camp
  • Herb Lainchbury: seeing a lot of growing interest. Broadening out of the community. It is inevitable as we move along and as the community grows that there will be perhaps less overall velocity but more volume. We need to really consider scale when deciding how to focus our efforts as a community. The proposed dashboard is a good example of a scalable tool. E.g. focus more on webinars than hackathons. Should continue to measure. Tools like opendefinition are very important as they are very scalable and make it easy for us to provide feedback. Governments need continued feedback about how they are doing as that’s at least in part what motivates them.
  • Baden: lot of the open data portals kick off a bang (e.g. with a competition) and then things can get a lot harder. Big challenge is getting open data released can be hard. Lot of development going on in Australia.


  • contact Jim Wretham (National Archives) about UK OGD License updates (Rufus + Andrew)
  • send german OGD draft license to OD advisory council for review (Daniel)
  • follow up Kenya OGD license compliance (Daniel)