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Open Definition

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
29 April 2016 by Herb Lainchbury


  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Luis Villa
  • Aaron Wolf
  • Rufus Pollock


  • Authentication and Openness (and Open APIs)
    • this is related
  • license review process logistics
  • KOGL
  • Scottish Parliament Open License v2.0
  • USA
  • plan for 2016


  • Authentication and Openness (and Open APIs)
    • “I’ll note from the start that the open definition doesn’t have anything to say about whether a login is permitted or not permitted.”
    • push to the list - is there some ambiguity - it has always been our view that requiring login is not open - do we need an FAQ or some explanation? Openable?
      • I’ve (Rufus) posted here :
        • and we can discuss
  • License Review Process Logistics
    • where do we log requests / mentions?
    • where do we maintain the list of in-review?
    • where do we maintain the list of those that have gone through the process?
    • do we maintain an archival copy? if so, where? As attachment on the forum during discussion probably at least
  • KOGL
    • ready to go :
  • Parliament Open License v2.0
    • ready to go :
  • USA
    • is state and local level data automatically in the PD? Luis responded on Forum.
  • Plan for 2016
    • OSSD
    • Rufus: Promote 2.1 and engage publishers
  • Forum
    • Herb to announce: list to go to moderated status - done
    • all communications to go to forum from this point forward
  • Action:
    • Herb to discuss Chair logistics with Luis