Open Knowledge

Open Definition

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
09 August 2015 by Herb Lainchbury


  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Aaron Wolf


  • state of OD 2.1
  • OD Web Site Structure
  • OD Summary Statements
  • Proposal to move OD discussion to forum
  • Licenses waiting for approval
  • Other Issues?


  • state of OD 2.1
    • are we there yet?
    • discuss changes
    • change “available” to “provided” everywhere
    • leave “should” in 1.3
    • there are still 6 tickets
    • Mike to add reference to RFC2119
    • move the “should be compatible” to the license preamble
  • OD web site structure
    • main vs gh-pages
    • let’s move away from master -> gh-pages
  • OD Summary Statements
    • three versions. we’ve settled on one.
    • are there any issues with proceeding to syncrhonize them? [no]
  • Proposal to move OD discussion to forum
    • pros, cons, impact?
    • herb will send a note giving folks a chance to raise objection, if none received then we will move
  • Licenses waiting for approval
    • structure - where should we store them?
    • what to do with licenses that are inreview forever? (BC)
    • follow FSF model - maximally compatible, open and rejected (