08 August 2013 by Mike Linksvayer

Previous call notes. Next call October 10 (2nd Thursday of even months) at 15:00 UTC.


  • Baden Appleyard
  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Tom Lee
  • Mike Linksvayer (chair)
  • Kent Mewhort
  • Peter Murray-Rust


##Open Definition 1.2

  • Name (OD, not OKD), copyedit done; no comments during call, on-list welcome
  • Will CC BY/BY-SA be compliant? If not, feedback to them and/or on definition
  • ACTION: HL to post snippets of CC4 for discussion as required
  • ACTION: ML see if there is scope/people to raise at CC summit


  • ML does not have page cleanup discussed ready for deep storage, if move to October

##Outstanding review of existing licenses

  • Alberta and British Columbia
    • Detailed discussion deferred to October, as some from AB and BC who wish to participate are on vacation.
    • ACTION: KM to review OD for whether concerns about complex and uncertain exemptions should be addressed directly
  • Calgary
    • ACTION: HL to send draft letter for Calgary to the list and if there are no objections within a week then he will send to Calgary
  • Datalizenz
    • DD at Wikimania; deferred to October
  • Open Game License
    • Proposed on-list, discuss
    • Feeling outside of OD expertise, perhaps scope. We will probably not address OGL unless additional case made to do so on-list.
    • ACTION: ML to say above on-thread
  • Others?
    • UK Parliament, HK mentioned on-list, not formally proposed
    • HK clearly non-conformant, but will discuss how to provide useful feedback next call
    • BA pointed out http://www.ags.gov.au/pal/ to be discussed in future

##OD site/data/repository

  • HL - we are about ½ way through adding the conformant licenses to the repository
  • ML proposed that HL, ML, RP and KM get together separately (or as a topic of next regular call) to discuss overlaps and synergies between Kent’s license project and the repo that we’re creating on github.
    • ACTION: ML to put on agenda for next regular call; if others wish to have discussion before then, propose datetime…

##New OD AC members

  • Leigh Dodds, Kent Mewhort joining, welcome
    • ACTION: ML to add to site, send welcome mail to list, will also mention below
  • Follow up on potential members from unrepresented areas, concrete suggestions wanted, to be raised again next call