Open Knowledge

Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
08 August 2013 by Mike Linksvayer

Previous call notes. Next call October 10 (2nd Thursday of even months) at 15:00 UTC.


  • Baden Appleyard
  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Tom Lee
  • Mike Linksvayer (chair)
  • Kent Mewhort
  • Peter Murray-Rust


##Open Definition 1.2

  • Name (OD, not OKD), copyedit done; no comments during call, on-list welcome
  • Will CC BY/BY-SA be compliant? If not, feedback to them and/or on definition
  • ACTION: HL to post snippets of CC4 for discussion as required
  • ACTION: ML see if there is scope/people to raise at CC summit


  • ML does not have page cleanup discussed ready for deep storage, if move to October

##Outstanding review of existing licenses

  • Alberta and British Columbia
    • Detailed discussion deferred to October, as some from AB and BC who wish to participate are on vacation.
    • ACTION: KM to review OD for whether concerns about complex and uncertain exemptions should be addressed directly
  • Calgary
    • ACTION: HL to send draft letter for Calgary to the list and if there are no objections within a week then he will send to Calgary
  • Datalizenz
    • DD at Wikimania; deferred to October
  • Open Game License
    • Proposed on-list, discuss
    • Feeling outside of OD expertise, perhaps scope. We will probably not address OGL unless additional case made to do so on-list.
    • ACTION: ML to say above on-thread
  • Others?
    • UK Parliament, HK mentioned on-list, not formally proposed
    • HK clearly non-conformant, but will discuss how to provide useful feedback next call
    • BA pointed out to be discussed in future

##OD site/data/repository

  • HL - we are about ½ way through adding the conformant licenses to the repository
  • ML proposed that HL, ML, RP and KM get together separately (or as a topic of next regular call) to discuss overlaps and synergies between Kent’s license project and the repo that we’re creating on github.
    • ACTION: ML to put on agenda for next regular call; if others wish to have discussion before then, propose datetime…

##New OD AC members

  • Leigh Dodds, Kent Mewhort joining, welcome
    • ACTION: ML to add to site, send welcome mail to list, will also mention below
  • Follow up on potential members from unrepresented areas, concrete suggestions wanted, to be raised again next call